I Get Around

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Summer has come to an end and I have to admit, it finished with a bang. I managed to spend the end of my summer exploring the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and then coming back to the States only to then explore Atlantic City. haha. No lie. I did all that without spending a dime from my own pocket. I felt like Jack from Titanic, literally, because my lucky ticket was also to aboard a giant ship to travel by way of sea. I spent the entire time trying to forget everything that was waiting for me back at home…Finding a decent job to help pay off student loans and trying to figure out a way to convince a grad school to let me in. Whenever my head was cleared of worrying about finding a good job in “The Unknown Future”, I thought up some new dreams for “The Unknown Future”. First off, I’d love to go back to Puerto Rico. There, in San Juan, I was drawn into an art store in which I found out Enrique Iglesias had found himself in years before my visit. The walls were filled with vibrant colored paintings and masks. In my shock, the owner of the store turned out to be a Caucasian man. He knew so much about the history of Puerto Rico that it blew my mind. He flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for vacation 20 years before and fell so much in love with the city that he never went back to the States. Now, whenever I think of P.R., I think of that man who traveled far from his home and was willing to leave everything behind for his new love. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what I’m really afraid of in my own life. Am I really worried about my finances or am I afraid of moving on? I feel my whole outlook on life has been a negative one. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for Job Placement. It’s not even an interview, just Job Placement but I admit, I’m terrified. I’m afraid of what job I’ll get. I’m afraid I’ll hate it, but be stuck working there for the rest of my life. I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle the work. I’m afraid co-workers and the head honcho will hate my guts. But most of all, I’m afraid of failure. I’ve come to understand that even if those things do come to pass, failure will never be who I am. So tomorrow, I will make my way down to Job Placement and hand over my resume. Not my life, just my resume.


Dead Where I Sit

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I was re-introduced to a very rich loan shark earlier today. His name was Nelnet and he wasn’t as kind to me as the first time I met him. At 22, I haven’t even begun to live my life (not sure if I ever will) and already I’m in debt. I was smacked around with information about interest rates(WHAT IS THAT?! sarcasm), what I owed, how I was going to pay off my debt, and the consequences that would follow if I didn’t pay up….garnish my paychecks(I DON’T EVEN HAVE A JOB YET), ruin my credit score(BUT THAT’S WHY I NEVER GOT A CREDIT CARD), delinquency(BUT I’M NOT EVEN BRAVE ENOUGH TO DRIVE PAST THE LIMIT), etc. Paying back student loans is NO joke. I feel like I’m already dead where I’m sitting. The University wouldn’t even give me my diploma until I read everything and filled out their Student Loans survey. Tomorrow, I’m finally going to pick up my diploma and slide it into its case. All this negativity aside, at least Nelnet helped pay for me to get through college. I will most definitely utilize his payment plans! On another note, I decided to call the schools’ co-op adviser for help on getting an internship. This is what I’ve learned so far: Not all college’s actually want to help their graduates.

Grades Never Mattered

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I recall doing an internship two summers ago when one of the employees told me, “Grades don’t matter in the business world”. Apparently, when I go for a job interview, the person sitting behind the desk isn’t going to ask me what grade I got on my latest biology exam or even if I ever made it on the honor roll. They don’t care about that stuff. “I was doing multiple internships at the same time, so I failed miserably in college. But because I had so much experience, I received job offers.”, said the employeeNow that I finished college, my next goal is to attend graduate school. Unfortunately, getting into graduate school is tougher then I thought. I graduated with a 3.0 GPA. It would’ve been nice to be one of those people who can easily remember things, but I’m not. I’m normal. So until a graduate school finally lets me in, I will do as many internships as I possibly can to boost up my resume.

No Touchy!

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Ever learn something you wish you never learned? Thanks to college, I’ve learned more then I thought I ever would about “forbidden” topics(which had nothing to do with school). Why did it take me longer than the average person to find out?Because, I didn’t want to know about them in the first place! Thanks to college, I have learned what I needed to to get my degree. Unfortunately, it came with unwanted and intrusive side effects. Not all professors are respectful and act professionally. Some are incredibly nasty and should be fired. Ahhh! SEE?! Professors, not just students. Yes some students are wild and should be avoided. If you know how to choose your friends wisely (if you’re even into making friends) then you’ll be fine. But fresh professors….They can’t always be easily avoided.

Fans might be happy but I just see this as 0bSeSSed. There is a such thing as going too far. This first Hello Kitty themed note is on this LIFE SIZED Hello Kitty themed house! It is located in Taipei and is covered with bricks and mortar. Pink runs throughout the home. Check out the living room, couches, dining room and master bedroom below.

Little and So Grown Up

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It wasn’t as shocking to me to find out my little sister snuck off to get married as it was for my parents. We’ve never been close and rarely see each other anyway. I’m happy she’s married and asked me to be a bridesmaid for her public wedding, but not too happy that she still treats me like crap. Someday I’ll get over her taunting, but I can’t change who I am. Sometimes I wish I could, but I can’t. Besides, even if I pretended to have a different personality, I would still be stuck in this body and would just feel like a conformer. It would make me feel sick, so I’ll stick it out and hope a successful career slaps me in the face. If not, I’m dying young. That’s my plan.

Sometimes I Wonder

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Climbing up the long delirious burning blue with ‘Old Glory’ standing watch as a beacon to every soul yearning to be free.