College Degree = Not Enough

Posted: November 29, 2011 in Uncategorized

Well it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. I’m hungry and awake. That’s been my lifestyle around the house lately. Go to bed at 3 in the morning and wake up one to two in the afternoon. What a fulfilling lifestyle. I’ve got more free time then…No I guess not than the average human being, seeing as how a lot of people are out of work. Still, I have no family of my own. Yeah, I live with my parents, but I have no kids to take care of or a husband to cook for…THANK ALL MIGHTY GOD. I’m not into kids and “romantic” junk. Never have been. I’m happily single. I just never had this much FREE TIME on my hands. I want to take full advantage of this free time, though. I want to do something with it that most people with families can’t. I’ve been going about the house for seven months now just living off of my parents with no responsibilities. I’m worried they’ll kick me out of the house someday without any warning. Everything is changing. I’m planing ahead for things I never thought I’d plan for, back in high school and college. My parents aren’t like what they used to be. They’re very accepting of things they’ve never stood by before, so why wouldn’t they blow up and throw me out now? They’ve been acting a little differently around me. So, in case of an emergency, I’ve researched different youth hostels in the area. There aren’t many, but there are plenty of Catholic churches offering shelter to the homeless. ;^) So I’m lucky I live in a city area than the country. I was actually thinking about packing an emergency backpack with limited clothing items in it just in case. I don’t plan on going anywhere. I just want to be prepared for the worst, just in case. My father told me a story of when his mother kicked him out of the house. He slept in his car, which sounds like luxury to me because I don’t own a car. I walked in on my father speaking with another person, recently. He went on to tell my father his mother kicked him out when he was 19. When he went home, his clothes were on the sidewalk. It was very uncomfortable walking in on them conversing about that. It made me wonder if they were talking badly about me before I walked in the room. Anyway, I’ve been searching for jobs but can’t find the right one. I’m preparing to re-apply to a grad school out of state. I don’t want to go far away, but for the love of all that is Holy, I want to be smart so that I can get a good paying job (if one exists). It bothers me that with a college degree I’d still get paid crappy money and work where I cannot grow and just be stuck in the same position. So grad school, “Be kind and open your doors and PLEASE whatever you do, be kind even after you hand me my new degree. I could always use help looking for work.” At the same time, I’ll be looking for freelance work since that seems to be the “job” most offered today. God, help me.


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