Mind Cycle

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Again with the complaining this morning by my mother. Why the crap doesn’t anyone understand? I need support now more then ever, not someone kicking me when I’m already down. It’s like when I’m doing my best and I refuse to give up hope, some family member jumps out of the closet to pull me back down. If I ever move out of this house in the future, it won’t be to have no rules. I’m not a wild person. I love rules. It would be to get my head clear of extra negativity that I don’t need. I love my parents. I will ALWAYS need my parents. I just don’t see what’s so healthy about being reminded that I’m a loser every morning. Crap like that could tempt a person to jump off a building. I just need to try to stay as positive as I can and continue looking for Entry-Level work in my field of study.


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