Job Searching Is a Monster

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

I have been looking all over for Entry-Level job positions for what I majored in college and have come up with NOTHING. Everyone either wants to higher a newbie with more experience than I have or they ask for the right amount of experience but require a ridiculously long list of demanding qualifications. I remember one list asked for 1-3 years of experience and encyclopedic knowledge. Who ON EARTH has encyclopedic knowledge?! It bothered me that the few listings that were just perfect for Entry-Level positions demanded crap like that and knowledge of other things I had never heard of before. I feel bad. It makes me wonder if I’m good for nothing or if the university I went to was actually a not so good one. Either I’m hopeless or I was gypped. I know the mature thing is to take responsibility for my own problems. I just hope these problems get fixed soon so I can compete for positions with confidence. It hasn’t been good around here lately. My parents think I’m lazy, when in all reality, I just can’t find work in my field. My mother, once again, expressed her irritation of having a jobless 23 year old in the house….this MORNING to me right after I woke up! That was the way to start my day and yes, my Birthday just recently passed. There was only one thing in my mind on the 10th of November and that was, “The older I get, the more pathetic I look to society.” I can’t stand it when people ask me what I’m doing with myself. I tell them I’m looking for work but can’t find a job and then they have the nerve to catch attitudes with me and give me rude looks afterwards. So what, I’m having trouble finding a job? There is no need to judge me. On a worry note, I caught a glance at a depressing news report, earlier today. The headline went like this: “The New Face of Homelessness=College Grads”. Boy was watching that like watching the sun set on a Hawaiian tropical island. I could just frolic through meadows yelling, “My future is clear!” Well, I’m not going to let that be me! Times are tougher now, but I refuse to believe there is nothing out there for me. There’s got to be something.

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