I Get Around

Posted: October 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

Summer has come to an end and I have to admit, it finished with a bang. I managed to spend the end of my summer exploring the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, and then coming back to the States only to then explore Atlantic City. haha. No lie. I did all that without spending a dime from my own pocket. I felt like Jack from Titanic, literally, because my lucky ticket was also to aboard a giant ship to travel by way of sea. I spent the entire time trying to forget everything that was waiting for me back at home…Finding a decent job to help pay off student loans and trying to figure out a way to convince a grad school to let me in. Whenever my head was cleared of worrying about finding a good job in “The Unknown Future”, I thought up some new dreams for “The Unknown Future”. First off, I’d love to go back to Puerto Rico. There, in San Juan, I was drawn into an art store in which I found out Enrique Iglesias had found himself in years before my visit. The walls were filled with vibrant colored paintings and masks. In my shock, the owner of the store turned out to be a Caucasian man. He knew so much about the history of Puerto Rico that it blew my mind. He flew to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for vacation 20 years before and fell so much in love with the city that he never went back to the States. Now, whenever I think of P.R., I think of that man who traveled far from his home and was willing to leave everything behind for his new love. I can’t help but wonder if that’s what I’m really afraid of in my own life. Am I really worried about my finances or am I afraid of moving on? I feel my whole outlook on life has been a negative one. Tomorrow, I have an appointment for Job Placement. It’s not even an interview, just Job Placement but I admit, I’m terrified. I’m afraid of what job I’ll get. I’m afraid I’ll hate it, but be stuck working there for the rest of my life. I’m afraid I won’t be able to handle the work. I’m afraid co-workers and the head honcho will hate my guts. But most of all, I’m afraid of failure. I’ve come to understand that even if those things do come to pass, failure will never be who I am. So tomorrow, I will make my way down to Job Placement and hand over my resume. Not my life, just my resume.

  1. Mozes says:

    Great to see a new post from you! San Juan sounds like it was a lot of fun! I’m Puerto Rican, but every time I head over there, I never really get to explore, I just stay at my Grandparents house. It’s never fun.

    This looks almost looks like something I’d write, in terms of being depressed and worried about what’s going to happen in the future. It worries me, a lot, and it’s really all I think about, so you’re definitely not alone. I’ve considered why I’ve had such a negative outlook on life, and it’s mainly because nothing is guaranteed, and I don’t like things that aren’t certain.

    I try to live by the whole “better safe than sorry” philosophy, and I’ve really been liking it, but every once and a while, if you take risks, you can get really lucky, like that man you met.

    I hope something comes up for you, but I’m not going to tell you you shouldn’t worry, because I think you should. Wait, should I be giving advice like that…?

    Well, anyway, I hope all goes well.

  2. aRVee says:

    Looks like you enjoyed your vacation in San Juan, it must be great out there…

    What you’re going through right now is just but normal, it happens to people who worries, not just about jobs, but life in general… As you can see, the fact that you put the subject “I get around” means you get along, it’s a positive phrase, so continue doing it.

    By the way, when that worry sinks in again, remember that great vacation you had in Puerto Rico and then reminisce the good times you had when you’re there, then that negative thought will start to be overpowered by that great memories… Stay happy!

    Thanks for sharing…

  3. Selma says:

    Sounds like you had a fabulous summer. I think what you’re feeling about the job placement is completely normal. We all worry we’re going to hate the work or our co-workers or we’re going to be really tired all the time. Most of the time those worries are unfounded. I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll really enjoy. Best wishes with it all!

  4. jannatwrites says:

    I think it’s normal to have fear after graduating college. Granted, the job economy was better when I graduated, but it still scared me because all I had done my entire life was go to school (and work restaurant/retail jobs to pay for it.) I also worried that I would fail.

    Just remember, your first job doesn’t have to be your only job. You’ll meet people along the way (network). Other opportunities will stem from that and you’ll know when you’ve found a job that fulfills you.

    Good luck to you!

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