Dead Where I Sit

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I was re-introduced to a very rich loan shark earlier today. His name was Nelnet and he wasn’t as kind to me as the first time I met him. At 22, I haven’t even begun to live my life (not sure if I ever will) and already I’m in debt. I was smacked around with information about interest rates(WHAT IS THAT?! sarcasm), what I owed, how I was going to pay off my debt, and the consequences that would follow if I didn’t pay up….garnish my paychecks(I DON’T EVEN HAVE A JOB YET), ruin my credit score(BUT THAT’S WHY I NEVER GOT A CREDIT CARD), delinquency(BUT I’M NOT EVEN BRAVE ENOUGH TO DRIVE PAST THE LIMIT), etc. Paying back student loans is NO joke. I feel like I’m already dead where I’m sitting. The University wouldn’t even give me my diploma until I read everything and filled out their Student Loans survey. Tomorrow, I’m finally going to pick up my diploma and slide it into its case. All this negativity aside, at least Nelnet helped pay for me to get through college. I will most definitely utilize his payment plans! On another note, I decided to call the schools’ co-op adviser for help on getting an internship. This is what I’ve learned so far: Not all college’s actually want to help their graduates.

  1. Mozes says:

    I thought this might be the case, I’m curious, how are you going to get through Grad School with these money problems?
    I’ve never met a loan shark in real life, but I’ve always associated them with organized crime or causing physical harm in case of default. Is this true?

    • whitemarz says:

      Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean a real loan shark. Nelnet is a financial company. I got my student loans from them. They give college graduates up to 6 months to either get a job or get into graduate school. If I got into graduate school, Nelnet would give me more time to start paying back the loans. I really wanted to continue my education to be able to compete better in the working market. That was my plan. I’m looking for a job now.

      I’ve never borrowed money from a loan shark, but I do know of a few people who owed money to people with similar backgrounds. My friends ex-boyfriend owed money to a drug dealer and was warned that he would be killed if he didn’t pay back. A friend of my father hung himself out of depression because he owed money to a lot of bad people. Some of the family questioned if it really was suicide. My sister met Michael Franzese(former member of the Colombo crime family) once. Even though he said he’s a changed man, he still refuses to believe hiring hitmen makes him a murderer.

      • Mozes says:

        oh! I was getting really caught up there! I was thinking, “Ok… he can’t possibly be talking about a REAL loan shark can he…?” Sorry I didn’t catch on, in this day and age, where it’s really hard to interpret text, it’s hard to tell if somebody is being serious or sarcastic if they don’t explain it. My bad.

        Oh, that loan sounds really good (especially compared to some other ones…), I thought you were in some serious financial trouble for a moment. That’s pretty interesting how this loan company reads your blog. Are they a fan of your writing?

  2. Hey Whitemarz,

    Remember student loans have many options for delaying payments or lowering them, so if you need assistance let us know. 1.888.486.4722.

    Tricia Nelnet

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