Little and So Grown Up

Posted: July 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

It wasn’t as shocking to me to find out my little sister snuck off to get married as it was for my parents. We’ve never been close and rarely see each other anyway. I’m happy she’s married and asked me to be a bridesmaid for her public wedding, but not too happy that she still treats me like crap. Someday I’ll get over her taunting, but I can’t change who I am. Sometimes I wish I could, but I can’t. Besides, even if I pretended to have a different personality, I would still be stuck in this body and would just feel like a conformer. It would make me feel sick, so I’ll stick it out and hope a successful career slaps me in the face. If not, I’m dying young. That’s my plan.

  1. Mizz says:

    Am sure, it wont be long till u blog about your own wedding 🙂

    • whitemarz says:

      haha. No, thank you. I actually never want to get married or have children. I just never had a good relationship with my sister, that’s all. She only cares about herself. We rarely see each other and the once in a blue moon that we do, we spend arguing. She always says and does the most horrible things to me to put me down, even in front of others, but I still love her and I still want the best for her. 🙂

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